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Frequently Asked Questions: Content

Q. When will I receive my content?

A – Satellite content and/or physical hard drives are transmitted/shipped to deliver 2 days prior to your opening.   If you do not have your content 2 business days prior, please contact Deluxe Technicolor Customer Support at 1-800-99-FILMS (800-993-4567) or email Exhibitors outside of North America should contact our International Customer Support Team at 877-272-3870 (after dialing the country access code) or email

Q. Why did I receive 2 digital hard drives?

A - Please check the filenames on the hard drives.  It is likely that you received two different versions.  Most times, the screening content cannot be shown opening week.   Please contact Deluxe Technicolor Customer Support at 1-800-99-FILMS (800-993-4567), or email the Keys Team at   Have the serial numbers from the hard drives available when you call. These can be found on the black plastic handle of the hard drive.

Q. What is the credit offset and run time?

A1 - Check the label on the hard drive.
A2 - This information can be located on the projectionist letter that was sent to you via email or on the Deluxe Technicolor Exhibitor Portal.

Tips for new projectionists:

*Check the file size listed for your content and ensure that you have the available space on your server.
*Follow your opening and closing processes as directed by your Equipment Integrators or Vendors.  This will reduce some of the common problems that are reported to us and keep you on screen as scheduled.
*Follow the directions on your projectionist letter and/or content label.  One of the most common issues in the field is failure to load the version file or supplemental file with the DCP.

Please contact the Deluxe Technicolor Support Teams right away with any issues.   This will allow us to identify any trends in the field right away and provide all parties involved the opportunity to keep you on screen.

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