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FeatureStudioTerritoryRelease Date 
HereditaryA24 FilmsUSA05/01/2018
SwapnajaalSwapna Scarecrow Inc.USA04/27/2018 Projectionist Letter
Adventures in Public SchoolGravitas VenturesUSA04/27/2018 Projectionist Letter
Avengers: Infinity War Part 1DisneyUSA04/27/2018 Projectionist Letter
Kings (2018)The OrchardUSA04/27/2018
Shock and AweVoltage PicturesUSA04/27/2018
Backstabbing For BeginnerseOne Films USUSA04/27/2018 Projectionist Letter
Dragnet GirlJanus FilmsUSA04/27/2018
Da One That Ghost AwayABS-CBN InternationalUSA04/27/2018
Marvel MarathonDisneyUSA04/25/2018 Projectionist Letter

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