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FeatureStudioTerritoryRelease Date 
Night of the Living Dead (1968)Sony_PicturesUSA10/24/2018 Projectionist Letter
TwilightLionsgateUSA10/21/2018 Projectionist Letter
Nigerian PrinceVertical EntertainmentUSA10/19/2018
Mid90sA24 FilmsUSA10/19/2018
The New Adventures of Peter Pan: The Quest for the NeverbookNEW FILMSUSA10/19/2018 Projectionist Letter
What They HadJellyfish Bloom LLCUSA10/19/2018
Halloween (2018)UniversalUSA10/19/2018 Projectionist Letter
MaliciousVertical EntertainmentUSA10/19/2018
The Oath (2018)VVS Films Inc.USA10/19/2018 Projectionist Letter
An Evening With Beverly Luff LinnUniversal Pictures International UKUSA10/19/2018

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