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FeatureStudioTerritoryRelease Date 
This Changes EverythingVideo Services CorpUSA07/22/2019 Projectionist Letter
The Lion King (2019)DisneyUSA07/19/2019 Projectionist Letter
Iron Sky 2: The Coming RaceMYRIAD PICTURES, INC.USA07/19/2019
ClaritaABS-CBN InternationalUSA07/19/2019
Between Me and My MindTrafalgar ReleasingUSA07/17/2019 Projectionist Letter
The White Storm IICMC PicturesUSA07/12/2019
CrawlParamountUSA07/12/2019 Projectionist Letter
The FarewellA24 FilmsUSA07/12/2019 Projectionist Letter
Lying and StealingCompany3USA07/12/2019
Stuber20th Century FoxUSA07/12/2019 Projectionist Letter

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